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2021-03-01 08:44:02

Here are 10 reasons why to join Corvinus!

Higher starting salaries, a springboard into the social and economic elite of the future, a solid foundation and specialized knowledge, international opportunities and student focus – this is what the renewed Corvinus University has to offer. Continue to study in one of our 6 undergraduate, 13 postgraduate and 3 MBA/Executive programs to gain an internationally recognized degree! To be at Corvinus is like being part of a large, invisible community: it means lifelong friendships, usable relationship capital, up-to-date and internationally recognized knowledge, and all in a student-friendly environment.

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More than a year ago, with the renewal of Corvinus, we set the goal that our graduates could get a higher salary and a better position around the world with a Corvinus degree in their hands from the very beginning. We believe that as the best university of economics and social sciences we can educate and train the social and economic elite of the future in Hungary and Central Europe. And all these are not just words! We have summarized in 10 points what Corvinus University has to offer prospective students to make their university years special and provide a solid foundation for a career, a job, that is, a future.

A solid foundation with specialized master’s programs: In the 2021/22 academic year, we will launch 6 undergraduate, 13 postgraduate and 3 MBA/Executive programs in English.

Four renewed program

From the autumn of 2020, the Applied Economics undergraduate, International Management undergraduate, Master of Economic Analysis and Executive Master of Business Administration courses were launched in a new form. The focus was on project-based, practical education and the emphatic development of student competencies.

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New integrated bachelor program

Unlike before, the major in economics and management will now not only be one of many, but can be called the BSc PROGRAM with CAPITAL LETTER. The usual program in trade and marketing, tourism and hospitality, human resources, and rural development in agricultural engineering has been merged into the basic courses in farming and management. Precisely so that 18-20-year-olds do not have to commit to a profession without experience, but with a basic knowledge, they can responsibly decide whether to envision their careers in commerce, tourism, marketing or HR. In addition, the advantage of the program is that employers prefer general business education graduates because they consider their versatility, cooperation and problem-solving ability to be outstanding.

Higher starting salary

Graduates of Corvinus enter the labor market with a significant advantage. According to the latest Graduate Career Tracking System, the average earnings of undergraduate graduates were 19 percent higher after 1-1.5 years than the national average earnings of graduates of the same undergraduate courses. And in the perspective of 7-7.5 years, the income of those graduating from Corvinus may be up to 60 percent higher on average. Among the core courses of Corvinus, the largest positive pay gap is between graduates in Communication and Media Studies, Business and Management, Finance and Accounting, and International Studies.

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Quick location for masters

The data also show that it is worth pursuing a master’s degree at Corvinus. On the one hand, because the national average earnings of graduates of our master’s programs were higher than those of graduates of undergraduate courses based on DPR AAE 2018 data. On the other hand, whoever completes a Master’s degree in Corvinus will find a job for themselves in half that time.

International membership fees

In order to provide our graduates with relevant knowledge in the international market and to study at Corvinus from other countries, we advertise several foreign language training programs every year, taught by internationally recognized foreign professors. Our Hungarian students can study in international teams with foreign students studying here.

Student learning activities

Our foreign scholarship opportunities (CAMPUS MUNDI, Erasmus +, CEE-PUS) prepare you for an international career. One of their outstanding programs is the CEMS training (The Global Alliance in Management Education, formerly the Community of European Management Schools), of which Corvinus alone is a member of Hungary. The tuition-free CEMS MIM aims at practical managerial training in addition to university education. One half of the one-year training must be completed at Corvinus and the other at a foreign partner university, and an internship abroad is also compulsory. According to the Financial Times, a degree supplemented with a CEMS training means 40 per-cent more pay and a faster job opportunity. The Double Degree program provides an opportunity for our students to graduate from one of our foreign partner institutions in parallel with their Corvinus studies.


Student focus

We have created a new, modern, open-plan Hungarian and international student office for our students, which reflects the focus on student interests and needs at Corvinus. In addition, we have developed a special application that combines the most important functions of organization, planning, orientation and information.

Diverse, exiting student life

At Corvinus, more than 40 student organizations ensure the diversity and mobility of university life. Their focus should be on common interests, be it theater, journalism, business, tax knowledge. In addition to organizing lectures and professional programs, they also provide the essential sense of community life with tours, parties and sporting events.

Colleges for Advanced Studies

The outstanding institutions of Corvinusos student organization life are the professional colleges, their members not only have similar interests, but usually also live together. In self-organizing student communities, it is possible to participate in small courses that complement university studies, and to deepen in several disciplines at the same time. In professional colleges, life-long friendships and professional relationships are made, in addition to the fact that their members form a community that they can count on later in life.

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