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Say no to plastic, refill your bottle at one of the water supply points! 

2023-03-22 15:40:22

We installed 41 water supply points in the University buildings, where both our staff members and students can fill their flasks with good quality and purified water.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Does it bother you that approximately fifty thousand bottles end up as plastic waste every year at the Corvinus, only because of the plastic water bottles? 

When we buy mineral water in plastic bottles in the hope of getting clean water, we actually pollute wetlands and marine ecosystems with all this plastic. In addition, microplastic comes back to us through drinking water and finally enters our bodies. To stop this vicious circle, we have to act jointly. 

If you have not tried refilling yet or it often happens that you can get only warm water in the toilet, we have good news for you: you can find water supply points at 41 places in the university buildings, where you can get good-quality drinking water from the water purifying device. At these points, you can get cold and warm water, water at room temperature, and, in the case of certain models, sparkling water, too. The locations of the water supply points are available in the MyCorvinus student application, too, where you should look for the pictograms of blue taps, but we will also promote these with off-line posters in the forthcoming period. 

If you have not found these points yet, look for them next to the stairs in Building C and on all floors on the side of the canteen, when you reach the top of the stairs. In the Main Building, it is easiest to find them next to the toilets at the northern staircases and in the wing on the Danube side. You will also find water supply points in the Salt House; look for them next to the sanitary blocks. 

In addition to the ground floor of the main building and building C, water filters are available on several floors. Look for the blue taps on the maps of the MyCorvinus application. 

In fact, the reduction of plastic pollution is a topic of high priority for university offices, too. In the autumn, organisational units joining the Corvinus Green programme had the opportunity to stop – on a voluntary basis – ordering water in bottles and tanks, as well as plastic cups, and in exchange, the University provided glasses and jars in adequate quantity. At the end, more than 90% of the colleagues joined, so the University will no longer order bottled water. 

In March, we will focus on water and the protection of wetlands in the Corvinus sustainability communication. Our articles will discuss water saving, as well as the preservation of the cleanness of our waters, the reduction of the plastic pollution of lakes and oceans, and the ecological significance of wetlands. 

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