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Line-up at the Farmers’ Market: homemade strudel, honey, chilli and currant wine

2023-09-28 13:20:00

Current and former Corvinus students will be among the local producers who will display their products on October 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in front of Building C.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The first Corvinus Farmers’ Market which was held in May in front of building C of the university, exceeded expectations . Owing to the amazing success, the citizens of the university and other visitors will be able to buy local and sustainable produce again in the autumn semester.  

Current and former students will be among the producers, so talking to them will be an opportunity to learn about their produce and to hear their stories about their journey from the classroom to their family farm or own farm.  

The market is expected to offer a selection of autumn seasonal vegetables and fruits, dairy products, fruit juice, honey, cheese, chilli products, microgreens, syrups, jams, strudels, pies and meat products. When shopping, be sure to bring a canvas bag so that the produce can be packed in sustainable packaging, and cash, as card payment will not always be accepted. 

The producers are: 

Áron Borda  

in 2018 I graduated in Agrobusiness and Rural Development Engineering, in 2021 I got my MA in Business Development, and from 2022 I have been a PhD student in agricultural economics. I also work as a farmer on Szentendrei Island on a family farm. I will be selling cow’s milk and dairy products, farm eggs, seasonal vegetables and meat products. 


Milán Szücs  

i graduated in 2021 as a rural development engineer (Corvinus University of Budapest). I am currently studying plant medicine at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and I am a sales and marketing representative in the family farm (Borbás Kert). I will be selling juice, apple crisps, apples and strawberries. 


Lili Ágfalvai  

i started my studies in International Relations in September 2021 and I am now in my second year. In my spare time outside of university, I am a beekeeper and even more so I help out around the bees, for example by going to markets to sell. I will be selling my own, artisan honeys at the Corvinus market.


Zsuzsi Sajt (Zsuzsi and Zoli) 

Our farm was established in 2015 as a dairy farm. For economic reasons, in 2018 we started experimenting, we wanted to make cheeses. It took nearly a year and a half to produce the first cheeses ith an acceptable taste. We have been selling our cheeses since 2019. 


Aprókert (Márió Viszkok) 

Our little garden (English translation of aprókert) is a local, family-run business, where we mainly grow micro greens. 


Bogyóka syrups and jams (Gabi and Tündi) 

We have been growing fruit on our family farm since 1998. Since 2012, we have been partnering with Tunde to make jams and syrups. We sell our products under the name Bogyóka (berry) in markets, shops and restaurants in the Danube Bend. We live and run our farm in Kosd (near the city of Vác). We also make vegetable creams, fibre drinks and, from this year, pickles. 


Agancsos (Bence Bertók)  

I’ve been working with meat for around 11 years at some of the most prominent and well-known events in the country. I started selling at markets as a hobby a year ago, I loved the atmosphere. Events and markets are completely different worlds, but in both I have found what I enjoy doing. 

Our products: 100% venison sausage, salami, extra hot snack sausage (cabanossi), 85% venison sausage and salami delicatessen, and hot seasoned horse sausage and salami, grey cattle salami, goose cracklings, mangalica cracklings with paprika, goose and duck crackling cream and fried liver. 


Nico Chilifarm (Attila Szabó) 

My love affair with chillies may have started when I tasted my first ever medium-strength (=weak) variety, picked off the shelf of a hypermarket. I tried several different types of chilli, but I preferred to eat my own, grown in my kitchen window. I was still living in Budapest at the time, but I knew that I would have to move to the countryside to create my dream “chilli farm”, bigger than my kitchen. 

we moved to Tápiógyörgye in 2017, the same year I received six Red Habanero seedlings as a gift, from which after proper indoor growing I managed to collect beautiful seeds, which went so well that, small wonder, in the summer of 2018, there was nothing but Red Habanero in the garden. My passion for chillies has carried me away and I’ve been discovering more and more varieties, so in 2023 I’m looking forward to bringing you more chillies and an expanded range of products!  


Desszertplatz (Ottó Czeczó) 

A long-standing dream has come true with the birth of Desszertplatz. Desserts have always meant to me the cocktail cherry on top of the mousse at the end of a meal, crowning a wonderful lunch or dinner. So there was complete harmony. I want to make these small pleasures part of everyday life. Pies and chocolate tarts will be available at the farmers’ market. 


Lajos-Király Manufaktúra (Sziszi and David) 

David started farming on his grandparents’ land when he moved back to Verpelet in 2015. David and Sziszi mainly make currant wine and mostly go to festivals, but you can also taste King Lajos’ currant wines in a few shops and restaurants around the country. In addition to wine, they also make palinka, syrups, bon-bons and recently dried fruit. 


Házi Rétes Tura (Anna) 

Our strudels are freshly made every day, using our own dough, based on unique and traditional recipes. We currently offer 17-20 types of strudel: 13 sweet, 1 salty and 3 sugar-free flavours. 


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