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Lajos Szabó: No student should gain an advantage or suffer a disadvantage on account of their financial or family circumstances

2023-11-02 08:30:00

For the sake of clarity, the Acting Rector of Corvinus granted a long interview to Index about the situation around the ethics procedures.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Lajos Szabó said, among other things, that he refuses the idea that any student should be granted preferential treatment. The principle of equal treatment is one of the cornerstones of the university. He explained that the inquiry did not involve only one student, but two, and the university was eager to fully explore any negative or positive favouritism, which was not facilitated by Zoltán Ádám’s conduct. The Acting Rector confirmed that there was no link between the lecturer’s critical attitude and the termination of his employment. He said it was unacceptable that leaks of the procedures to the press had led to the harassment of students who were known to have some form of family connection to the corporation associated with the case. He said that in times of any change there is always the potential for tension and uncertainty, which can only be resolved through mutual dialogue. Colleagues are given all the support and help they need to develop, research and teach at an even higher level.  

The full interview can be found here (in Hungarian). English translation is available here.


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