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Everything you need to know about the credit recognition process  

2023-05-16 14:59:21

15 May is the deadline for submitting the credit recognition application. What does this mean, what is the purpose of the procedure, and what should be attached to the form? We have collected the most important facts.

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The credit recognition procedure applies to pre-master’s programme students who are applying for a degree programme in a field slightly different from their bachelor’s programme degree or from their previous fields of study. Each degree programme has mandatory entry and exit requirements for the knowledge to be acquired and acquired. This also shows what kind of courses are required in advance to meet these conditions. In the credit recognition process, if the student has not previously taken these required courses, he or she can take them in the year before starting the master’s degree and then apply for credit as an existing entry requirement.  

Credits completed in the bachelor’s programme are classified into three categories by the Credit Transfer Committee, based on the chosen master’s programme. The first are the courses that can be taken into account with full credit value. For these, the area of specialisation of the credits completed is so closely aligned with the core requirements of the following course that no credit recognition procedure is required. However, for the other two categories, it is necessary to apply for a credit transfer. These two options are subject to the completion of credits in the field of expertise of any other, or primarily considered, degree programme.   

At the University website’s page discussing the credit recognition procedure, you can find the From-to table, which presents in detail which master’s programme requires completion of a bachelor’s programme degree and which does not. It also lists the areas in which the prerequisite credits can be obtained, and the specific subjects recommended for it.  

To be considered for this year’s general admission procedure 2023, the necessary documents must be submitted by 15 May via the form on the University’s website, the fee for the procedure is HUF 8000, which must be transferred to the account of Corvinus University of Budapest. Along with the completed credit recognition application form, you must attach the completed credit recognition table for the given master’s programme in Excel format, supporting documents (certified diploma, transcript of records, copy of transcript of records) of previously completed or currently ongoing studies, and proof of bank transfer.  

If there is a formal error in the application, the student has 8 days to rectify the deficiency. If someone is applying for more than one master’s programme, they must submit a separate application for each one.  

Students will be informed of the decision of the Credit Transfer Committee by e-mail. If the application is accepted, it can be reused for the next five years if someone applies again for the same master’s degree. If it is rejected, the application can be resubmitted the following year.  

Written by: Hanna Olay  

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