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Details about distance learning

2020-11-18 07:56:46

Online exams and final exams, facilitated conditions for internships

Corvinus is switching to distance learning, which applies not only to the term period but also to the examination period. In its latest order the Presidential Board also lays down detailed rules, which cover – among others – the situation of the dormitories, the rules for examinations and final examinations and the rules on simplified traineeships and employees, in addition to distance learning.

cems_nemzetközi szakmai gyak

The remainder of the first semester will remain entirely online at Corvinus, which applies to the courses, consultations, reports and the exams. Personal consultations can be held only on exceptional basis, subject to prior agreement with the lecturer.

Students can also manage their academic affairs online, on the recently launched “Deal with it Online” platform (find the details here), as well as by sending letters sent from the university e-mail address to hallgatoi.iroda@uni-corvinus.hu address. If absolutely necessary, the students may make appointments for administration in person here.

The reading halls in the Corvinus Library will be closed, however, online services and rentals will continue to be available; the latter must be requested in advance on the library’s website. Registration is available to Corvinus students and employees only, and expiring reader’s cards will not be renewed.

The university building can only be visited for work purposes and in justified cases, for consultation or administration in person. The mandatory fever check (37.8 ° C) and the mask-wearing remain unchanged. No one can enter the campus after 7 p.m., but employees who are already inside can stay until closing, i.e., 10 p.m. The university is closed on weekends, however, faculty members may enter Building C due to

Saturday’s online classes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Faculty Club and sports facilities will also be closed, while the respective managers will decide on the operation of the cafeterias.

The university dormitories will be closes, housing contracts will be suspended, but will remain in force. Rental costs will not be charged for this period, however, personal belongings may remain in the dormitories, so students can move back immediately once the regulations allow it. Subject to prior registration and medical declaration, students may have access to these items at any time, and the security deposit will also be returned in the event the student moves out permanently.

Events with personal attendance cannot organised, while workplace meetings, discussions and board meetings can be held if the safety measures are observed.

Physical Education classes can be completed based on personal participation completed so far and online participation for the remaining weeks. Information on the latter will be provided by the faculty members responsible for the course concerned, via Moodle, Teams and Neptun.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Simplified solutions for those whose internships were interrupted

The epidemic affects the internships as well. Those who have started their internships properly and continue to be employed by the internship host can verify their practice according to the original rules. At the same time, the university is helping those students who can no longer be accepted by the internship hosts due to the epidemic with simplified solutions.

If the student has the required work experience gained in advance, then it will be recognised as professional practice. Information on the procedure for the recognition of work experience will be sent by the university later.

If the student does not have such work experience, then a certificate shall be provided according to the general rules about the professional experience completed until the restrictions. This certificate must also indicate that the internship traineeship was interrupted as a result of the epidemic. The remainder of the internship can be continued by the student in the same place or elsewhere after the restrictions have been lifted. In the latter case, there is no need to enter into a co-operation agreement between the internship host and the university only if there is less than six weeks left from the internship.

In addition, the deadlines for internships will be reviewed by the university and will extend those to the extent allowed by the circumstances. Problems related to internships can be reported to hallgatoi.iroda@uni-corvinus.hu.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Exams are also held online

Exams and tests will be held online during both the term period and the examination period, via Teams or Moodle in all cases. The exams will be announced in Neptun, where lecturers must also indicate the chosen platform. The rules on the announcement of examinations are set out in Annex 1 in detail.

Exam announcement, registration grades:

  • examination of courses with large numbers (over 300 people): announcement, modification of exams in Neptun, in case of Moodle written examination – Deadline: 16 Nov. 2020
  • announcement, creation and modification of other exams – 23 Nov 2020
  • final deadline for the announcement, creation and modification of exams in Neptun – Deadline: 23 Nov. 2020
  • registration of offered grades in Neptun – Deadline: 21 Dec. 2020
  • acceptance of the grade offered by the student – Deadline: 4 Jan. 2021
  • registration of a practical grades in Neptun – Deadline: 21 Dec. 2020
  • registration of written exam results – Deadline: within 3 working days of the exam
  • registration of results of essay-type written examination – within 5 working days of the exam
  • registration of results of oral exams – Deadline: within 3 working days of the exam
  • final deadline for registering exam and practice grades during the examination period (for students notr taking the final examination) – Deadline: 30 Jan. 2021

Exam registration for students:

Registration for autumn semester exams (for student who filled out the HALVEL survey) for bachelor programs, single-cycle programs

30 Nov. 2020 Monday 7:45 a.m. – 4 Dec. 2020 Friday 12:00 a.m.

Registration for autumn semester exams (for student who filled out the HALVEL survey) for masters and specialised further education programs

30 Nov. 2020 Monday 1:15 p.m. – 4 Dec. 2020 Friday 12:00 a.m.

Registration for autumn semester exams for all students not taking the final examination

4 Dec. 2020 Friday 12:00 a.m. -21 Jan. 2021 Thursday 11:59 p.m.

Registration for autumn semester exams for all students taking the final examination

Dec. 2020 Friday 12:00 a.m. -21 Jan. 2021 Thursday 11:59 p.m.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The final examinations will also remain online

The written part of the final examination can be held in Moodle or on Teams. The oral part of the final examination will take place via Teams, via a live audio and video call. In case of complex examinations, the oral part of the complex examination will be organised together with the defending of the thesis or the dissertation. The written part will take place on Moodle, at a different time. The final examination must be taken before a final examination committee, which has a chairman and two members.

The exact rules of the final exam are detailed in the annex applicable to final examinations of the order; make sure to read it if you are going to take the final examination now!

Final examination period: 07-11 Dec 2020 – 18-29 Jan. 2021

Examination period for final examination students: 14 Dec. 2020 – 9 Jan. 2021

Deadline for registration of grades: 30 Nov. 2020 – 13 Jan. 2021

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

University employees may continue to enter the university buildings, while the exerciser of employer’s rights may decide on the matter of home office.

Work at the university will take place according to the normal work schedule, however, exercisers of employer’s rights may allow working from home, provided that this does not hinder the normal, continuous operation of the organisational unit.

There are additional rules for working from home. Managers and the employees involved in the organisation of epidemiological control are required to be available in person, at pre-arranged times and by telephone 24 hours a day. Both university and private computers can be used, in the latter case university data shall be saved as a password-protected file and stored only for as long as is absolutely necessary for work purposes.

If the employee is affected by epidemic through no fault of his or her own, then the case must be reported to coronavirusinfo@uni-corvinus.hu, to the general practitioner and to the exerciser of employer’s rights. If the employee’s job function and health allow, then the employee may work from home during voluntary or official quarantine and is required to remain in quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine can only be left on the 10th day or later, after three asymptomatic days, the cease of symptoms shall be confirmed by the general practitioner. If the employee’s health does not allow him/her to work from home, then the employee may go on sick leave or sick pay.

If the employee still travels abroad at his/her own responsibility, then the employee will be placed under official quarantine upon his/her return, in the framework of vacation without pay. Employees can reduce quarantine time at their own expense with at least two negative PCR tests carried out 48 hours apart.

If the work or trip falls on the period of the night curfew, then the relevant certificate will be issued by the exerciser of employer’s rights. A sample of the certificate will be emailed to workplace managers by the Payroll department.

Entries to and exits from the country will be suspended for foreigners until 31st December. Domestic travel continues to be possible for groups of less than 5 people. The university calls on everyone to refrain from

traveling abroad for private purposes. If the employee plans a private trip abroad during the moratorium period, then the employer shall be notified thereof in advance.

All procurement requests can be initiated in electronic form at beszerzes@uni-corvinus.hu, by attaching the procurement request form. This must be agreed with the paying party in advance and attached to the letter.

Annex 2 of the order provision also discusses the rules for the beginning of the spring semester, however, due to the uncertain situation, these may change until February.

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