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Boost Program Pitch Day at Corvinus – Focus on innovation

2024-05-29 16:08:00

Have you always wanted to have a successful business but lacked the tools and connections to make it happen? Participants in the Boost Program were helped to develop their ideas into businesses.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

As part of the Corvinus Entrepreneurship Platform, the Boost pilot ran from March to May. The intensive program offered practical training, experienced mentors and a supportive community to learn the business skills that help make ideas attractive to investors. From the program’s launch in March to the Pitch Day in May, participants developed skills and built relationships that will help them build successful businesses. 

Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing idea, the Boost Program has provided an excellent foundation for success.  

Over the programme of five weeks, ten determined teams perfected their business ideas, learned about their market and competitors, and strengthened the cohesiveness between team members with the help of dedicated mentors. Participants, mentors and trainers experienced all this in the community-focused spaces created for the programme on the Gellért Campus. 

The first was about building relationships, getting to know each other and learning. Teams participated in workshops and exercises aimed at learning about communication, trust and the business world. These competences and knowledge are essential for any successful business 

The finale of the six-week program was the Pitch Day at the Gellért Campus, during which each team had up to five minutes to impress the professional jury with a presentation of their business. The ideas included a service that helps students prepare for university admissions, and a software solution that uses artificial intelligence to revolutionise application preparation. The topics included revolutionising urban transport, fighting food waste with an app and, last but not least, protecting the environment. The focus then shifted to technology solutions, with teams presenting AI-based note-taking software, a community finance platform and an integrated payment and booking system. The last two teams were all about student life and fun. We also heard about an affordable platform for students to promote small restaurants, and the fusion of fashion and techno clubs. 

 All teams received valuable feedback from the judges to further develop their businesses. They have gained key experience, built valuable contacts and received expert guidance to help them on their entrepreneurial journey. The winner of the Boost Program was the team that presented the revolutionary AI-based application software. 

After all the hard work, it was time for some well-deserved relaxation, networking and celebration of successes, and the programme ended with a festive rooftop party. 

The Corvinus Entrepreneurship Platform programs, including the Boost, will again welcome enterprising Corvinus students full of ideas in the next academic year. Find out more on the program’s website! 


You can get a taste of the program in the pictures taken on the pitch day: 



If you want to experience the Pitch Day atmosphere, watch the video of the event: 

Corvinus, where dreams become reality | TikTok  

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