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MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing

Financing health is becoming a global challenge from providing universal coverage in low income countries to managing the ever-increasing public health expenditure in developed economies.

Health policy is concerned with fundamental health-related questions of the society: to whom, what health services at what quality, how frequently and at what cost should be provided? The Health Policy, Planning and Financing program will introduce students to the theory and practice of health policies. This special area requires complex interdisciplinary knowledge.

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of health care systems both at macro and micro levels within the context of technological development, ageing and patient expectations. The program encourages critical thinking and teaches students how to solve problems on the market of health care from an economic point of view, and how to evaluate health policies, public health programs as well as regulations using the economic toolkit. Students will be able to use their practical and theoretical knowledge in health policy and health economics to analyse and solve health service and health care problems.

Core courses

The core courses provide a general methodological basis for the programme. In the first block, there are six mandatory courses covering both economics, statistics and health policy:
  • Advanced Microeconomics,
  • Applied Statistics,
  • Introduction to health economics
  • Healthcare law and ethics
  • Health Policy and Public Health and
  • Sociology of Health

The other block consists of five courses addressing a specific field of health policy:

  • Health Care Financing,
  • Health informatics
  • Public Health Strategy, Projects and Assessment
  • Statistical methods in healthcare analyses and
  • Controlling in Non-Business Organizations

Planned Specialisations

The HPPF programme offers specialisations in one area. This specialisation is:

Specialization in Health Economics

The health economic specialisation allows students to focus on health economic analysis and pharmacoeconomics and to develop analytical skills in quantitative research methods as well as in health technology assessment. Students will benefit from the daily interactions with the research staff at the Department of Health Economics, including specialists in health economics, outcome research, public health and health technology assessment. Students will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects while writing their dissertation.

Specialisation courses:

  • Health economics
  • Valuation of health
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Survey research methods in healthcare
  • Health economic modelling and
  • Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment

Career opportunities

Upon the completion of the HPPF programme, graduates may choose from several career opportunities. Graduates gain skills, which will allow them to work in health administration, government departments, research and consultancy agencies, universities, national health services, health care organisations and pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Admission requirements

1, A Bachelor’s degree

Applicants are required to present an authenticated copy of at least a BA/BSc degree both in the original language and in English, as well as an official copy of the transcript of their studies. Graduating students need to send their certificates after the defense of the thesis work.


2, Successful entrance exam

3, Language requirements

The English-language skills of applicants are tested in the entrance exam, which is an oral exam, and, therefore, a certificate proving the English-language skills of the applicants is not required to be enclosed in the application package.


Dear Applicants,

In order to apply to any of our English-language full time degree programs you have to send your application materials until 31 May 2020 to Please always include the program you want to apply to in the subject of the e-mail.
The application also has a fee of 120 EUR and those who complete the entrance exams successfully but completed their previous studies in a country outside of Hungary will also have to pay 15.000 HUF for diploma recognition.
Please also note that due to lockdowns around the world those who are unable to upload an adequate language exam should notify us and their language skills will be tested by the university.

Within your application package you must include your verified/Apostilled degree certificate along with the request form for recognition. For more info on the documents and the recognition procedure, please visit:


You can download the request from this link as well.

You can send your application package to:

The application procedure


The Faculty welcomes applications the entire academic year.

Application deadline: 15th of March 2020.

(Till that deadline the application fee should be paid also.)

The program is launched on the first week of September each year.

Application package
  • A completed application form
  • An official transcript of studies
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivation letter
  • A copy of applicant’s passport
  • A copy of receipt proving payment of application fee
Application packages have to be sent in an electronic form to or by post to Corvinus University of Budapest (1093 Budapest Fővám tér 8. room number 191). by the application deadline provided on the Faculty’s website. Successful candidates receive the certificate of acceptance in online form via E-mail, as well as in hard copy via post so that, in case it is applicable, the visa application procedure can be started in time.

Application fee: 120 EUR + 15.000 HUF for the diploma recognition – to be paid by the 15th of March 2020. (the 15.000 HUF should only be paid after a successful entrance exam)

How to pay the application fee?

Name of the bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Account number: 11784009-22229896-00000000
Name of the account holder: Corvinus University of Budapest, Corvinus School of Economics
Address: 8 Fővám tér, 1093 Budapest, Hungary
Swift code: OTPVHUHB
IBAN (International Banking Account Number): HU 92 11784009 22229896 00000000

Name of transfer: „FEC-CUB-327 000”

The application fee is non-refundable.

Degree acknowledgement:

You also have to request Corvinus University of Budapest to acknowledge your degree certificate as valid to study in Hungary.

You should only start the request procedure after you receive conditional acceptance.

For more info click here.

The entrance exam

Entrance exam to the Master’s Program consist of the following:

1. Concept paper

The applicant will receive a short article and a few tasks that need to be complited within 24 hours. This is a written assignment. Only those are invited to the interview who successfully complete the concept paper.

2. A telephone or Skype interview. (Only those are invited to the interview who successfully complete the concept paper.)

The purpose of the interview is to assess applicants’ basic command of base subjects and disciplines of the programme (such as economic and statistical foundations of health policy) and their verbal competences, as well as to learn about their motivation for joining a program. Interviews are evaluated, among others, on the basis of how successful applicants are in communicating their ideas, what career plans they have in mind or how they think they can benefit from the Master’s program in order to meet their future goals.

Tuition fee

480,000 HUF tuition fee + 280,000 HUF language fee for EEA-students and 2600 EUR for non-EEA students per semester.


For available scholarships, please click here.

VISA and residence permit

Successful candidates will receive immediately a notification of acceptance by which their visa application can be accelerated if necessary.

The Faculty can assist in the visa application process.

Read more about health care issues, please click here.

Successful applicants are expected to arrive to Hungary by the 1st of September.

Further information

Programme Director

Prof. Valentin Brodszky

E-mail: valentin.brodszky(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

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