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Women’s Day at Corvinus – support instead of flowers

2023-03-07 18:12:07

Instead of the usual flowers, this year we're celebrating women with a community gesture: he results of the Women's Day donation vote are in.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Although Women’s Day only happens once a year, respect, care and equality for women is needed every day. Over the past two weeks, Corvinus citizens were able to vote to help provide financial support to three women’s NGOs from the Corvinus Science Shop partners.

This year, instead of the usual flower presented on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we are making an unusual gesture to greet the female citizens of the university.

The students and the staff of the University could vote and thus determine how to divide the funds allocated to the women’s day surprise among three partners of the Corvinus Science Shop supporting women, as a donation. Two thirds of the votes came from staff at the university.

We hope that instead of flowers on 8 March, it will be just as much a pleasure for our female colleagues and students, but also for the whole community, to support such important purposes.

Based on the voting percentages, Corvinus will support the work of the three NGOs this year with the following amounts.

The organisation has been involved in the provision of education, assistance and care to children and young people labelled as ‘problematic’, while paying special attention to cooperating and working together with the families, care workers and teachers, too.  

Although their method has equally positive impacts on both boys and girls involved in the programme, in the case of girls, it is an achievement in itself that the birth of the first child is delayed from the start of adolescence to its end. Based on the experiences of the LIKE programme, it is possible to change the lives of boys, but it is more difficult in the case of girls. This is why they developed a new programme for girls. They ask for the help of the former participants of the LIKE, who are already mothers of several children, in the form of a community event based on experiential education. While playing with these women and their children, they can listen to their stories and jointly work out the bases of the programme that can direct their children to a different career path. 

The BAGázs non-profit association has been working for 12 years in the Roma settlement of Bag and Dány to facilitate equal opportunities in society. Their objective is to support people living there in avoiding the typical inescapable path. The principle in their work is that they do not distribute donations, as that makes dependence permanent, but, instead, give a real chance for a change. 

The BAGázs female force programme started two years ago: women participating in these groups may talk sincerely about self-confidence, body image, desires and limits, women’s and children’s rights, and they support each other in recognising the signs of abuse and in preventing victimisation. In addition, they intend to make sure that girls get to know the world beyond the segregated areas, collect new impressions and experiences, thus recognise that the world outside their settlement does not necessarily means dangers to them, rather a mine of opportunities. 

Liliom Birth Centre HUF 100.000

Giving birth outside institutions has been legal in Hungary for more than ten years, and there is an increasing demand for it. However, women living in the Eastern part of the country may bump into walls if they wish to give birth outside a hospital. The Liliom Birth Centre would offer a safe alternative, accessible professional help and a retaining community for a lot of women. The birth centre is a place where midwives are available and where women get care and assistance during the period of their pregnancy and confinement, based on the philosophy of the midwife model.  

The building of the Liliom Birth Centre is located in a quiet suburb of Békéscsaba, but it requires full renovation. Apart from the donation of money, they are happy to receive helping hands in the works, too. 

Thank you for taking part in this initiative!

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