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What drives tourists to adopt self-driving cars? – Publication by Melinda Jászberényi and Márk Miskolczi

2022-12-01 15:10:57

The publication co-authored by Melinda Jászberényi and Márk Miskolczi was published in the Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour.

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Abstract: Autonomous vehicles are expected to shape mobility and tourism. This paper introduces an extension to the TAM to better understand the adoption of self-driving cars for tourism purposes. The new model (TAMAT) confirms some under-explored impacts of tourism-related variables, such as Openness to Tourism Usage and Unusual Surroundings, and the Adherence to Conventional Use on the Intention to Use self-driving cars. The research is based on online data collection (n = 646) and applies Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modelling. Findings indicate that the opportunity of using self-driving cars for tourism and unusual environments has a positive impact, while adherence to conventional car use has a negative impact on the intention to use self-driving cars.

Dr. Jászberényi Melinda Rektori Szervezet / Fenntartható Fejlődés Intézet / Turizmus Tanszék
Tanszékvezető egyetemi docens / Head of Department, Associate Professor
C épület, 301
Phone: +36 1 482 7216 • Ext: 7216
Miskolczi Márk Marketing Intézet / Turizmus Tanszék
Ph.D. hallgató / Ph.D. Student
Eépület, 341
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