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Want to make the most of your summer?

2024-03-12 16:29:00

Take a course at Normandie Business School in France!

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

As a student of Corvinus University, you have the opportunity to attend the Summer University organized by our partner, Normandie Business School. 

There are two campuses – Le Havre and Caen – and a total of 10 courses to choose from. You can take 1 course free of charge and earn 6 ECTS credits. In addition to studying, exciting group activities and visits to business partners are also waiting for you. 


Le Havre 

(2024.06.28. – 2024.07.11.) 

  • Digital & social media marketing 
  • Project management in a digital era 
  • Doing business in a changing world 
  • Experiential marketing & AI influences in a phygital world 
  • Working in multicultural teams and environments 



(2024.07.12. – 2024.07.25.) 

  • Brand and product development in luxury 
  • Interpersonal & social media influences in a phygital world 
  • Cyber resilience for future leaders managing risk and human factors in the digital age 
  • Understanding climate change and how to act as a business for the ecological transition 
  • Leadership & becoming 


 Click on the link for more information (https://en.em-normandie.com/em-normandie-experience/open-world-studying-abroad/international-summer-school )  

Accommodation and meals are provided by the participants themselves.  

To apply, fill in the application form and send it in by 31 March.  

Number of places are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. 

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