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Visit the new common area in Building E for internship and entry-level job opportunities!

2021-08-17 08:32:26

As the result of a recent agreement between Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions and the University, the company sponsored the renovation of a common area on the 3rd floor in Building E.

Students can use this newly created space to relax between classes or study and they can also receive updates on vacancies at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.

This space was created with keeping multi-functionality in mind, with the aim of aiding the University’s students and staff in their everyday tasks. The area was repainted and refurnished, with comfortable chairs, sofas, and new tables for studying.

Besides new furniture the common area is also fitted with two TVs which will display University news and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions’ job offers. These job offers will range from internships to entry-level positions, which can all be an excellent opportunity for students to get to know a multinational company’s inner workings.

We sincerely hope that this new space will contribute to a better experience on campus, while also helping some of our students kickstart their careers.

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