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The Senate has decided on the tuition fee for the English-language master’s degree in Management and Organisation – report on the meeting

2021-12-02 16:35:00

At its meeting on 16 November, the Senate of the Corvinus University of Budapest discussed a single agenda item, the tuition fee for the master's degree in Management and Organisation program, which will start in 2022/2023.  

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Author: Beatrix Tepfenhart  

The University plans to launch the English-language master’s degree program in Management and Organisation in September 2022. Vice-Rector for Education Lajos Szabó said that the launch of the English-language master’s degree program is an important strategic step in the spirit of internationalisation. Through the CEMS semesters integrated into the programme, students can also study in management courses at top international universities.  

To be a truly international university, we need to offer certain core study programs in English and allow our students to gain experience abroad as part of their training, and to bring students from other partner universities to our courses, 

stressed the Vice-Rector.    

He made the following proposal concerning the tuition costs for the master’s degree in English in Management and Organisation: HUF 970,000 per semester for applicants via felvi.hu and EUR 3,600 per semester for applicants from third countries.   

He also pointed out that, following international examples, they are also working with Dean Helga Habis, who is responsible for master’s degree programs, to replace the 4-semester master’s degree with a 2-semester program. The related changes to the Training and Outcome Requirements have been finalised, and it will be possible to start business training programmes in a 1-year format once the proposal is adopted.   

Lajos Szabó said that the development of five master’s degree programs is already underway, and the tuition fees have been set in connection with this.  

The start-up material for the bachelor program in business data science has also been developed, making it necessary to set the tuition fees for this program as well. The University intends to start the training as soon as possible after approval.  

Prices are based on international patterns. “Price is a positioning factor, and we need to know exactly where we are positioning ourselves in the market for management science training,” said the Vice-Rector.     

At the end of the meeting, the Senate supported the proposal to amend Annex 2 to the RSFB by a vote of 24 in favour and 1 against.    

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