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The Role of Post-Stay Evaluation on Ewom and Hotel Revisit Intention among Gen Y – Publication by Andrea Sólyom

2022-08-25 12:32:07

The article co-authored by Andrea Sólyom was published in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.
Corvinus Ambassador

Electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) has become an important source for customers and hoteliers, and likewise, the interactivity of Web 2.0 has allowed customers to write and share online reviews. Our study aims to examine: (1) the influence of post-stay evaluation factors toward eWOM, (2) the relationship between eWOM and hotel revisit intention, and (3) the influence of country differences as a moderating factor. A total of 872 usable responses were collected from three emerging countries. Our results suggest that post-stay evaluation was the key predictor of positive eWOM, and later transferred greater hotel revisit intention among Gen Y. In terms of country level, all countries depicted a positive relationship for all paths, and the influence of the respondents’ country moderated for some relationship in this study. Our findings also shed further light on the understanding of the generational cohort theory across emerging countries, especially in the hospitality context. 

Dr. Sólyom Andrea andrea.solyom@uni-corvinus.hu
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