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The latest issue of Budapest Management Review, May 2024

2024-05-16 15:46:00

The full contents are available online at the journal's website.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The monthly published Budapest Management Review is one of the most significant journals in the field of business, management, and organizational studies in Hungary, with a history of 55 years, ranked in the best, “A” category by the Hungarian Academy of Science, one star on ABS List 2021. It is a general management journal, which includes studies on different aspects of organizations: structure, processes, and performance, and equally on cultural, behavioural, and technological subjects. Multidisciplinary research is highly valued and papers that draw on the perspective and theoretical background of sociology, psychology, economics, political science, or communicational studies – apart from that of business, management and organization science are also appreciated. 

Adapting to the habits of our readers and aiming for a more sustainable publishing model, we primarily distribute our journal digitally. The full contents of the journal are available online at the Budapest Management Review’s website. If you would like to receive our monthly e-mail newsletter with the latest issue and calls for papers you can register here. We look forward to welcoming you among our readers and you can follow us on our Facebook page as well! The website also provides information about the submission process and author guidelines. 


Contents of the current issue (Volume LV, Issue 5): 

– Ágnes Halász – Zsófia Kenesei 

Online learning acceptance in higher education – Do we know everything? 

Following an in-depth analysis of the content and effects of each variable in technology acceptance, they developed a framework that helps provide insights into state-of-the-art research on technology acceptance in higher education. 

– Esayas Degago Demissie – Daniel Kibet Koech – Edina Molnár  

Exploring occupational stress among employees in the financial industry – A perspective from developing economies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

The study aims in analyzing the role of workplace stressors on occupational stress levels. A descriptive and explanatory research design has been used. 

– Syrine Bassi – Krisztina Kolos 

Study-abroad decision-making – Combining marketing and behavioral economics perspectives 

This paper aims to obtain a deeper understanding of study-abroad decision-making in higher education by combining marketing and behavioral economics perspectives. 

– Salma Choulli 

Human resource management systems – The social and environmental performance of some of Morocco’s largest corporations 

This study, which is founded on the configurational approach’s principles, aims to determine how well-coordinated human resources management systems that are tailored to the company’s business plan perform in terms of society and the environment.   

– Norbert Griszbacher  
Back to the nature and travelling off the beaten path? – The explicit and implicit examination of ‘new’ destination choices and travel decisions in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic 

This study presents an innovative explicit-implicit approach to examine how the pandemic-induced (re)connection with nature influences travel and destination choices.    

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