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The doctoral program of Corvinus is extremely popular

2021-09-14 10:11:25

Following an outstandingly successful communication campaign and recruitment process through which we were learning about the talents of many promising applicants, in September 2021, 103 first-year doctoral students will begin their studies at Corvinus Doctoral Schools.
Corvinus Ambassador

77 doctoral students were enrolled in the so-called academic track and 26 in the so called expert track. Thanks to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, 64 Hungarian state scholarship holders were able to enter the doctoral program, 26 of whom also won the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship, so they receive twice the amount of the Hungarian state scholarship in the first year of their studies or, if they perform well, they will receive priority support throughout their training.  

Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship (for Hungarian citizens and foreigners receiving equal treatment) can be applied by students who choose an academic career, and this year it will add a total of HUF 280,000 to the state scholarship. Students who apply successfully will also be assisted with a new laptop when starting their studies. 

More information about the Corvinus Doctoral Fellowship can be found at this link.

Among first-year doctoral students, 24 foreign citizens can study thanks to the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program. 

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