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The Cold War Research Center became a Gold Standard Internship Host

2021-11-11 16:57:37

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Kép forrása: https://www.careers.ox.ac.uk/#/ 

The Cold War Research Center at Corvinus University of Budapest (http://www.coldwar.hu/) has been designated as a Gold Standard Internship Host by the University of Oxford Internship Programme.  

The Center was selected for the award based on the successful cooperation with Oxford University since 2017, hosting annually 3-5 research interns for two months, funded by various contributors in the framework of the Programme. 

The Cold War Research Center aims to become a virtual center for Cold War research in East Central Europe and through the Center’s website, established in 2000. Besides publishing articles and documents online, the focus is on disseminating information concerning publications, ongoing research, researchers, conferences, etc. hitherto available only in the native languages of the region. Such materials, as well as specially compiled chronologies and bibliographies will considerably facilitate acquiring up to date information on the state of research in the countries of the former Soviet Bloc for the international community of scholars. At the same time the materials, offered by the Center will drastically increase the chances for direct communication between scholars in the West and the East but also among scholars from different countries of East Central Europe. 


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