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The Campus of the future is in the making

2021-09-29 13:35:42

The Ménesi street Campus is being designed now.
Ménesi Campus 4

The development will not only mean a new building added to the University’s facilities but allow new features to be offered. The project is coordinated by the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, which maintains the University, and the building will be used by the University in the long term. Thus, the opportunities are provided by the Foundation and the vision is dreamed up by the University. 

The first steps in the process were already taken in 2020, and the Internal World Working Group set up for the task since then has been working on the professional content. When establishing the composition of the Working Group, the most important consideration was that representatives of all important groups who would later use the building should be involved as equal parties in decision-making processes. Thus, team members include students, lecturers, and colleagues representing the strategic functions of the University.  

In addition to answering practical questions such as whether there will be a dormitory in the building, the most important task of the Working Group was to develop a vision of the spaces and opportunities that the new Campus can offer in contributing to achieve, and maintain in the long run, the University’s strategic goal, namely that Corvinus should be the leading university of economics and social sciences in the Central and Eastern European region. 

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Ménesi Campus 2

When defining the content, the Working Group set the goal to create a technology-intensive and future-oriented building comprising inspiring spaces. A place offering a home for high-quality personal moments, where it is a matter of course that working together means having a great experience and new ideas can emerge to enable innovation.  

The development will thus also result in an expansion of functions. In addition to offering facilities for traditional education in classrooms, the building will also have educational spaces suitable for creative cooperation and dedicated spaces for research and innovative projects carried out together with corporate partners. A number of community spaces will be created in the Campus and new sports facilities will be opened. In addition, dormitory functions will be expanded. The new Campus will also offer reading rooms for quiet immersion, as well as spaces for individual and group learning. In addition, an important new element of the Campus will be the Data Space, a creative hub for data analysis and data visualization for students and lecturers interested in data science. 

Ménesi Campus 3

The planned date of the inauguration is spring 2023, so there is an intensive period ahead for all those participating in the implementation. For further details of the development and the latest news, please visit the websites of the University and the project.

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