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Students visited the Gellért Campus for the first time

2023-11-17 15:55:00

Classes of PPE and Data Science programmes will definitely be held at the Corvinus Gellért Campus from February. This was the first time they had a chance to look at what the new campus will look like.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

In multiple groups, the PPE and Data Science students were shown around the new campus by the university’s Head of Strategy. Inside and out, they could already see how beautiful the Gellért Campus will be. The students were also amazed to see the almost finished spaces and listened to the information Márton Barta shared with them about the design and the work that will be done here in the future  

The Rooftop Terrace was the biggest hit with the students, many of them took selfies with the extraordinary view. On arriving at the dormitory, many asked when they could move in, even those who live in Budapest were keen to move in. 

Most people said the amazing views from all around were their favourite thing about the campus, but there were some who highlighted the sports facilities, others the reading room and the data experience lab. After the visit, students are even more excited than before about the next semester when they will study on their new campus.  

In the upcoming months, not only these two programmes, but also a wider range of students will have the opportunity to visit this unusual campus. 

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