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Strategic Excellence: Corvinus Students Triumph with Second Place at Modul Business Championship

2024-06-10 16:53:00

Three of our students represented the University at the final in Vienna.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The final of the Modul Business Championship took place in Vienna from May 9-11. Corvinus University of Budapest was represented by three undergraduate students, Kitti Lázár, János Szappanos and Trisztán Tóth. The competition consisted of two rounds, one online and one offline. 

„The competition had an unusual format. There was a preliminary case with a lot at stake, because it determined our ticket to the 8-team final” – emphasized Trisztán Tóth. 

The semi-final was held online. The teams developed a market entry strategy for a Chinese hotel chain into the Carpathian Basin. 

„The case itself was not easy. We had to present in a pre-recorded 10-minute video to the professional jury. Answering so many questions in such a short time limit was a significant challenge for us, even though we had 10 days to develop our solution” – emphasized Trisztán Tóth. 

Based on the results of the semi-final, our team advanced to the final, which was held in Vienna. During the final, they developed a new ticketing system for the Austrian Federal Railways. Their proposal focused on identifying the target audience, detailing the service and its marketing. Thanks to their innovative solutions, our students achieved second place in the competition. 

„During the competition the greatest honour we received was when we proudly presented our solution to the audience. This experience is invaluable to me’- recalled Kitti Lázár. 

Our team’s successful work was supported by thorough preparation before the competition. The competition preparation was guided by Csilla Szalay, an experienced mentor from Corvinus Case Track Community, and Miklós Kozma, an associate professor at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

„We arrived in Vienna with thorough preparation behind us. The second place was earned through the coordinated, joint effort of our team”- emphasized János Szappanos. 

During the preparation, our team members placed great emphasis on developing proper team dynamics. 

„We worked dynamically together, everyone utilized their strengths to provide a high-quality solution. Jani excelled in strategic approaches, while Trisztán was outstanding in finance”- highlighted Kitti Lázár. 

The strong harmony and individual knowledge paid of well. In the final, we managed to close with an excellent result among equally strong teams”- added Trisztán Tóth. 

In Vienna, besides solving the case and presenting, our team had a great opportunity to get to know and exchange ideas with competitors from neighbour countries. 

„For those who are at the beginning of their case-solving career, I would like to say that it is worth investing a lot of work and energy. Besides participating in such great professional programs, you can meet talented young people from all over the world. Through them you gain new insights into the entire world.” – emphasized Trisztán Tóth. 

“Organizing this competition for the first time, we received an immediate invitation to participate. Our participation had a dual purpose. Firstly, to provide our excellent students with further opportunities to test their knowledge in an international field. Secondly, our involvement aligned with the university’s strategy to build our regional leadership role in the field of business case solving. As part of this, we established new inter-university connections with excellent educators and students from neighbour countries. We are eager to return next year as well!”- Miklós Kozma highlighted the strategic importance of the competition. 

Congratulations to our students and their mentors for the successful participation in the Modul Business Championship! 

We thank the professors of the Case Track and the alumni members of Corvinus Case Track Community for their contributions to preparing the students! 

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