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Rubik’s Cube competition was held at Corvinus

2023-07-27 08:12:00

Corvinus hosted an international Rubik's Cube competition in early June. The fastest players in the region competed on campus.

On 3-4 June, the first Rubik’s Cube competition in the history of the Corvinus University of Budapest was held in the University’s Building C in cooperation with the Speedcubing Hungary Association. 

The event featured 80 competitors from 11 countries in 15 categories. The categories included the traditional 3×3 cube, the one-handed Rubik’s Cube, the 5×5 and 4×4 Rubik’s Cube, and the blindfolded Rubik’s Cube – the latter of which Bálint Csengő set a Hungarian record with an average time of 3 minutes 4.38 seconds. 

Thanks to the success of the competition and the great interest shown in it, the University and Speedcubing Hungary intend to continue their cooperation by organising further Rubik’s Cube competitions in the future. 

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