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Péter Fehér: Corvinus offers an international alternative in Budapest, with world-renowned academics

2024-06-05 13:33:00

The international head of Corvinus gave an interview to Portfolio, the leading Hungarian economic online newspaper.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Students no longer need to move abroad to experience multiculturalism, as they have the opportunity to study in a motivating and active international community in Budapest, said Péter Fehér. “Business schools in Hungary also need to realise that you cannot do business without a foreign perspective. This is why Corvinus is pioneering in creating an international environment for the employees and entrepreneurs of the future,” Péter Fehér, the university’s international head, told Portfolio, the leading Hungarian economic online newspaper. The article also discusses, among other topics, what Corvinus has done to internationalise education, how university citizens are being moulded into an international community, and what opportunities students, lecturers and staff can enjoy abroad. The article was supported by Corvinus, the full interview in Hungarian can be read here, the English version here. 

Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest 

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