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Passing of Dr Sándor Csizmadia

2021-09-15 10:38:56

Dr. Sándor Csizmadia, retired professor of the Corvinus University of Budapest, passed away on 6 September 2021, at the age of 75.

Professor Sándor Csizmadia earned his degree in Philosophy and French in 1971. He taught at our university from 1993, was head of the Philosophy Department from 1993-2006, and became a professor of the university in 2007. He obtained a PhD in philosophy and an academic doctorate in political science.

He represented the increasingly rare French knowledge and interest in Hungarian social and intellectual sciences. He established a thriving network of French contacts and regularly conducted research abroad. On the one hand, he researched French domestic and foreign policy, French Africa, and later on globalisation and geopolitics in general, and on the other hand, he became known as the best Hungarian expert and interpreter of Raymond Aron’s classical liberal political thinking..

He was an important figure in the generation that re-founded the disciplines of international relations and political science.

We honour his memory with deep sorrow!

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