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Our team came second in the Minneapolis Business IT Case Study Competition 

2023-04-17 14:00:06

The CoMIS International MIS Case Study Competition was organised by the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on 28-31 March.

The Corvinus team was the only one representing the European continent in the predominantly North American field, with 14 teams taking part in the invitational competition. The members of our university team, Réka Sallai, Kíra Alícia Szabó and Ákos Pataki are all experienced case solving competitors. The team was prepared fand trained for the competition by Márta Aranyossy, Péter Fehér and Krisztián Varga in the Cases on Business-IT Management course. 

On the first two days, the organisers provided some light activities to help the teams get to know each other and the host university city. The third day of the competition was dominated by serious work: the teams had 24 hours to come up with a creative, convincing and feasible solution to the business IT case. The event was sponsored by Minneapolis-based Life Floor, a provider of high-quality paving solutions for aquatic facilities that has gained international recognition for its innovative products over the past decade.  The teams had to rethink the growing company’s internal processes, supporting efficiency with thoughtful IT solutions. 

Our team finished top of the group in the competition of divisions, beating both Pennsylvania State University and Texas Christian University. In the final, the Corvinus students competed against four North American teams, with only the University of Texas-Austin beating the Hungarian competitors. As a result, the Corvinus team was awarded the second place on the podium by a jury of business and academic judges, and the sponsor of the event highlighted the comprehensive nature of their solution and their excellent presentation style. In relation to the latter the team earned one more recognition: Our competitor, Kíra Szabó, also won the best performer award for her performance.  

Congratulations to the team and the coaches for the result. 

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