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Our team came second in the I. Business Case Battle case study competition 

2023-05-16 16:08:15

The Corvinus Consulting Club student organisation team has won a podium place at the European Business School competition in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany.

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A Corvinus Consulting Club diákszervezet csapata képviselte a Corvinust a németországi Oestrich-

The Corvinus Consulting Club student organization team represented Corvinus at the 1st Business Case Battle case study competition held in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, organised by the European Business School this spring. 

James Consulting, a local student organisation with a focus on case solving and business consultancy, invited our team to participate in the competition. During the three-day competition, participants were able to gain a deeper insight into the work of the different fields of consultancy during the case solving blocks. 

Teams competed on three topics: entrepreneurship, strategy and finance. Cases for all three themes were provided by renowned multinational companies Orange Deutschland, Deloitte Monitor and Roland Berger.  

In the case of entrepreneurship, the teams had to find a solution to migrate the consumer segment of the telecom company Orange from segment B2B to segment B2C. The Corvinus Consulting Club competed against universities mostly from their home country, so they initially had less local knowledge. The case involved selecting a consumer segment group for IT consulting and looking for products and samples that could be sold to client companies. The team came third at the end of the round. 

The case with a strategic focus was provided by Deloitte Monitor. The case was about building a strategy for a fictitious clothing brand, Flashfash. The main question to be addressed was how the clothing brand could offer the right value proposition to a consumer segment that is increasingly committed to sustainability.  The Consulting Club team responded to this challenge by proposing entry into a new industry. The solution was to create a monthly package of clothes, which would be returned at the end of the month, and the product would be sent on after cleaning. Various other complementary options such as 3D size modelling for consumers, customised packages based on dressing preferences and rentals for special occasions have also contributed to the basic strategy. As a result of this detailed strategy, our university team came first in this round. 

Roland Berger provided the last case, i.e., the financial case. In this round, teams had to come up with a sales pitch for the Cewe brand. In this task, the participants not only had to provide a sales quote, but also had to find potential buyers and a pitch deck. In solving the case, our team highlighted the company’s position in the industry, its financial stability, its adaptability to industry trends, and then, using benchmark data, the team also determined the selling price range for potential buyers. With this comprehensive solution, the Corvinus team finished in second place. 

As a result of the outstanding performance in each round, the Corvinus Consulting Club team was able to take the podium as the overall runner-up behind the team representing the University of St. Gallen at the awards ceremony.  

Congratulations to the Corvinus Consulting Club team for their successful competition. 

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