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New scholarships and two-way doctoral program – Corvinus scientific youth education is being renewed

2021-04-14 14:04:52

Doctoral students admitted to the academic career of doctoral training at Corvinus in April this year can receive higher scholarships

Doctoral students admitted to the academic career of doctoral training at Corvinus in April this year can receive higher scholarships. In addition to funding, the doctoral career also changes, with students choosing between the academic and expert models in an ascending system. In our article, we present the most important changes affecting the doctoral programs of Corvinus.

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New scholarships would stabilize the financial situation of doctoral students

In addition to excellence, a larger budget and a research-teaching career, promoting a symbiosis of science and practice: two new doctoral fellowships will start at Corvinus from September 2021. Prospective first-year students can apply for the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship for outstandingly talented and high-performing doctoral students (for Hungarian citizens and foreigners receiving equal treatment) , and the Cooperative Doctoral Scholarship is also open to doctoral students who have already started their research careers.

The aim of the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship aim of the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship is to stabilize the financial situation of the best-performing doctoral students and make their academic careers more attractive. Hungarian state scholarship students enrolled in 2021 or later can apply for the scholarship. Successful applicants must submit a report for the previous semester at the end of each semester, which will be judged by a committee. The student is obliged to repay if he / she does not submit the report, prepares it inaccurately or does not meet the credit minimum.

The amount of the scholarship is determined annually by the Board of Presidents in February, depending on the number of places and budget possibilities. The application is published in April each year and the scholarship awarded is for a period of one year. A scholarship student may only undertake assignments or a maximum of 50 percent part-time work, and must announce the establishment of an employment relationship at the University.
The Cooperative Doctoral Scholarship is for students who combine research careers and practice. The purpose of the scholarship is to increase the number of people working in research, development and innovation, so that Corvinus doctoral students have a good chance of applying for the scholarship. The scholarship will be announced by the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation, but Corvinus will sign a contract with the scholarship holder, and the application will also be available on the university’s website. However, doctoral students cannot receive Corvinus and Cooperative Doctoral Scholarships at the same time.

The Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship can be applied for by those who choose the Hungarian state scholarship program and the academic career from September 2021 within the general doctoral admission procedure. The application can be submitted by marking the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship on the doctoral application form. The basic condition for receiving the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship is that the applicant accepts the scholarship conditions set out in the BCE Student Study and Benefit Regulations (HTJSZ/SSBR), achieves at least 80/100 points in the general admission procedure, be among the highest performing applicants in the given doctoral school, and fill in the declaration of excellence on the application form.

The declaration of excellence is an 8-10 line motivation letter, which contains the name of the applicant for the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship, and in which the applicant clearly but concisely, even in points (in Hungarian for Hungarian native speakers) states the excellence marks, achievements, skills, research opportunities, commitments, future plans, etc. he feels that he is one of the best candidates.

The Scholarship Council, which evaluates the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship, decides on the award of the Scholarship based on the performance achieved in the admission procedure and the statement of excellence. Applicants who have won both the Hungarian state scholarship and the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship and are admitted to academic careers will also be provided with a new laptop after the start of their studies, with which we want to help them continue their studies and research smoothly.

Applicants for doctoral program can choose from two careers

Academic and expert-focused doctoral career models will also be introduced in an ascending system from September 2021 by Corvinus. The two training have the same program and output requirements, the degree obtained (PhD) is the same, the difference will be in the target group, purpose and way of organizing the training. Candidates for academic careers are expected who would be professionally involved in education and research during their careers, and envisage their careers in the sphere of higher education and research.

Students who meet the requirements of the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship can apply for academic careers. Foreign nationals applying for the cost form, who meet the requirements of the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship but do not receive it, and, if justified, also applicants who receive a Hungarian state scholarship and who meet the requirements of the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship, may also be admitted to the program. they do not receive support due to lack of space. Students who are interested in social science issues and have practical experience in business, administration, culture, diplomacy are welcome to pursue an expert career.

Applicants for the field of expert reimbursement and Hungarian state scholarship may also apply for expert careers. When recognizing the research credits of doctoral students choosing an expert career, the teaching and lecturing activities carried out at their nationally or internationally accredited training center, as well as in-house training, as well as innovation, development or research activities closely related to their research topic may be taken into account.

Doctoral students studying for an academic career can transfer to an expert career , which is decided by the Council of the Doctoral School, but there is no interoperability in the other direction. The specifics of the admissions are determined by the individual doctoral schools in accordance with the University Doctoral Regulations and the operating regulations of the doctoral school. Both trainings offer full-time program. In the training and research phase (semesters 1-4), doctoral students in academic and expert careers can continue their studies according to the same operational curriculum of the doctoral school, even using a different timetable.

The application period begins on April 15, 2021 and runs through May 09, 2021. If you would like more detailed information about doctoral training and the specific possibilities and requirements of the elective courses, you will find a detailed description at this link. Corvinus will hold an online doctoral open day on April 13, for which you can access the program here. 

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