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New features in the MyCorvinus app

2021-09-10 11:36:09

Students are continuously participating not only in the creation and the testing of the app but also in building new features. There are some features in the latest version of MyCorvinus that were suggested by Corvinus Students.

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We continuously collect the feedback of our users since the very first launch of the MyCorvinus app. During the past few months we released some major and many minor updates of which the latest is the popular dark mode requested by many of you. You can turn on the dark mode in the Menu / Settings, where you  can also select the preferred language (English, Hungarian).

In the Menu you can find interesting new contents too: a bunch of useful links, new pages of HÖK (Students’ Union) and HSZB (Student Social Committee). We’ve extended the data that you can see about your studies and we corrected all the bugs reported by you.

One of the most pupular functions is still the interactive map, but the timetable, the calendar of the academic year and the lecturer contact list is useful too.

We have exciting feature plans for the autumn semester too, so don’t forget to follow the updates about the MyCorvinus app so that you can be informed about the latest news and features immediately. We hope you will enjoy the new version as much as you enjoy the current app version.

We always welcome your feedback on the feedback form. If you have an idea don’t hesitate to share it with us on this feedback form or join us for a chat in our office (building E room 150).

Our team at the Digital Innovation is working on solutions that support your everyday life at Corvinus the most. We are passionate to create user friendly interfaces and intuitive functions when it comes to courses, exams, student administration, the latest news or anything else that might be useful for you.

MyCorvinus app is available in Hungarian and English languages.

If you have not downloaded the MyCovinus app so far, visit the AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android. Download the latest version of the app & stay up to date with all MyCorvinus functions!

If you enjoy the app, please give us a rating in the store!

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