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New edition of the book ”Public Policy”

2023-12-12 10:21:00

The book edited by the lecturers of the Department of Public Policy, prof. György Gajduschek and prof. György Hajnal, has been updated with public policy developments since its publication.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Several decades after the first edition was published, senior instructors of the Department of Public Policy, Prof. György Gajduschek and Prof. György Hajnal, have prepared the second, significantly revised edition of the book titled “Public Policy.” 

Since its publication, the book has become a frequently used resource in most university courses dealing with public policy. Although the book continues to be the only one that provides a detailed overview of the concepts, theories, and practices of public policy in Hungarian, fundamental changes in both the international and, especially, in the Hungarian governance practices have made it necessary to supplement, modify and further develop the content of the book. 

For example, new sections address the patterns of populist and illiberal governance on both international and domestic levels, and several sections that were deemed less useful have been removed. 

Hopefully, this renewed and rejuvenated edition will be beneficial and of interest not only to university students but also to a broader readership interested in various aspects of the subject matter. 

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