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Multicultural field experiment in Székesfehérvár – RE-ACT project

2022-09-02 14:23:46

The GEO Department of Corvinus University successfully organised the field experiment on 10 June 2022 to Székesfehérvár, the county seat of Fejér county, with the participation of international students from the Regional and Environmental Economic Studies (REES) MSC programme.

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The event was an integral part of the research project called RE-ACT focusing on higher education institutions’ (HEIs’) regional embeddedness: the visitors had the opportunity to discover the district heating issues in the city, projects in the green zones, real estate investments and constructions, and some development programmes concerning the broader region around lake Velence. Thus, this field experiment was a perfect example how HEIs can improve the role they play in regional development and networking between the stakeholders of the different sectors. 

The organisers would like to give a special thanks to the following hosts and presenters for their utmost preparedness and guidance: Vice-mayor Zsolt Lehrner, planning-and-development expert Csaba Jakab (Mayor’s Office), and the representatives from SZÉPHŐ Zrt. (district heating company of the city), namely CEO Ákos Szauter, and István Vörös, Attila Mihályi, Nikolett Gömöri, László Romsics, and László Koós Jr. 

Check out for the latest news on the project website and social media: 

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