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Legitimacy and Authoritarian Decline: The Internal Dynamics of Hybrid Regimes – Publication by Dóra Győrffy and József Péter Martin

2022-06-20 10:18:57

The article co-authored by Dóra Győrffy and József Péter Martin was published in the Problems of Post-Communism.
Corvinus Épület

While the literature on the definition, features, and establishment of hybrid regimes has been extensive, a gap exists about their internal dynamics. The article develops a four-stage model of the political cycle to trace changes in input and output legitimacy. Using Hungary as a case study, it shows a downward spiral of corruption and ideological degeneration due to the inherent contradictions between the initial promises and the real objectives of governance. These developments have undermined output and input legitimacy as shown by the changing composition of government supporters toward poorer, less educated, rural, older people and the increasing manipulation of the electoral process. Such dynamics imply significant vulnerabilities for the regime. 

Dr. Győrffy Dóra dora.gyorffy@uni-corvinus.hu Közgazdaságtan Intézet
Egyetemi tanár / Professor
E épület, 228
Phone: +36 1 482 5414 • Ext: 5414
Martin József Péter jozsefpeter.martin@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Társadalom- és Politikatudományi Intézet / Összehasonlító és Intézményi Gazdaságtan Tanszék
Egyetemi adjunktus (külsős óraadó) / Assistant Professor (external lecturer)
E épület
Phone: +36 1 482 5308
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