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Lajos Szabó: “the classical teaching method no longer works”

2024-04-03 10:30:00

Acting Rector gave a detailed interview to the Economx Hungarian business portal about the change of model, university autonomy, internationalisation, future plans and the lessons of the ethics case.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

In the interview, Lajos Szabó reviewed the last almost five years of the university since the change of maintainer. He stressed that thanks to the intensive cooperation between the foundation and the university, the goals and expectations are clear and there is a stable financial basis for achieving them. He said that Corvinus is a free university, where no one is disadvantaged because of their political beliefs. Regarding the Erasmus case, he said that this is not about universities, but a political debate, and therefore he considers the decision unfair, but nevertheless Corvinus is working successfully to remain part of the international community. He said that internationalisation is one of the main goals of the university: “we can only keep young Hungarians at home if we build an internationally renowned university”. He considers Corvinus to be a university for talented and ambitious Hungarian and international young people where there is a will to use artificial intelligence, not ban it. As regards the ethics case and the labour dispute over the dismissed associate professor, he says that these internal cases have been politicised, lessons have been learned, but now they want to focus on more strategic issues.  

The full interview can be found here. 

Photo: Economx.hu, Tamás Hartl Nagy

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