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‘In the case of artificial intelligence, it is not its use, but its overuse that threatens science’

2023-07-17 16:17:00

On the closing day of the Research Week in June, exciting presentations demonstrated the potential and the limitations of artificial intelligence in research and in science communication. The presentations are now available to watch.

The first speaker, Mária Csutora, professor at the Institute of Sustainable Development, gave examples of how artificial intelligence can help in writing scientific papers by translating, correcting language errors or improving the quality of the text, and what are the jobs it cannot be used for. The speaker’s advice is that these tools should be used without fear, but with due care and caution. The presentation covered the regulation of major publishers regarding the use of AI.  

Péter Csóka, professor at the Institute of Finance, illustrated in his presentation that artificial intelligence might as well be used for data analysis and for the transcription of scientific findings for the purpose of science communication, to make it easier for non-professional people to understand such findings. 

In the remaining part of the event, Attila Dabis, academic writing consultant at the University Library and Ákos Varga, associate professor at the Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences, shared practical advice on how to improve the quality of manuscripts – style and correct grammar -, how to extract information from texts, and how to survey the relevant literature.  

The discussion following the presentations focused on the future of science in the light of the rise of artificial intelligence. Speakers stressed that these are extremely useful tools, but they have their limitations, and that human involvement is still indispensable in the creation of scientific results. The rise of artificial intelligence is creating new ethical challenges in science, therefore clear regulation is needed. 

Watch the event here.

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