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Important information for today’s subject admission

2024-01-09 09:43:00

Please be informed that the shutdown of the Neptun web platform on 8 January 2024 was the result of an unexpected event.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The cause of the event was that a significant number of students deliberately overloaded the system to speed up and facilitate their login, thereby gaining an unauthorized advantage. The use of these programs generated nearly 20,000 login requests per minute, resulting a system overload. 

Due to the above, the inactive time in the student system will be reduced to 3 minutes for stability.  

We would strongly request that, for the interests of yourself and your fellow students, once you have logged in and registered your subjects, you should immediately exit using the logout button and give your place to your fellow students.  

We ask everyone to behave in a fair, respectful and responsible manner!  

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