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How we use your MyView feedback in education

2024-05-22 10:51:00

Giving feedback on your lessons in MyView is very important, as this will provide helpful feedback to your teachers. Here are some concrete examples of how feedback is incorporated into lessons.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

More detailed presentations 

Consider the impact of your feedback on class materials. Some of you suggested that the slides in class should contain more text to make it easier to recall what was said in class when studying at home. Now, thanks to your input, the class slides are more informative and beneficial to the entire group.   


Introverted students should not be at a disadvantage 

There was also a comment that class work should count for a smaller proportion of the assessment because this would disadvantage students who are more shy and less likely to speak up in class and others who find it more difficult to speak confidently in class because of language difficulties. The instructor has since used this for more even grading.   


Regular Kahoot Tournament 

In MyView, it is also worth indicating if there is something students really like in class and want more of. For example, there was a group of students who found the Kahoot tournament used regularly in class a positive challenge, and several of them reported back, so the instructor incorporated it into several subjects.  


Clearer accountability 

Students’ feedback indicated that some subjects did not fully follow the many different types of accountability that made up the end-of-semester grade. As a result, a summary of what to look out for each week was posted on Moodle each week, and subsequent feedback suggests that this was effective. As a result of the positive feedback, other teachers have started to use the method.   

If you want to give feedback on your lessons, you can do it here until 29 May. 

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