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Help the refugees as interpreters!

2022-03-10 07:44:26

You can join multiple organizations if you want to actively help those in need due to the Ukrainian-Russian war.
Corvinus Épület

In the last few days, the amount of material and financial donations for the refugees has been constantly accumulating. However, you also have the opportunity, in your free time, to help those who need it the most in the form of interpretation. We’ve listed some options where you can do that.

Bridge for Transcarpathia – Higher Education Infoline

Voluntary activity or work

Within the framework of the Bridge for Transcarpathia aid programme, Tempus Public Foundation operates a higher education infoline for refugee students and lecturers from Ukraine, to which interpreters are expected to apply. The higher education information line operates 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In case of a minimum of 20 hours of assistance per week, applicants shall be engaged in an employment relationship, but as a volunteer you can help with fewer hours. Cooperation shall take place according to a pre-agreed schedule. Priority is given to applicants who work more hours and also work weekends.

Language requirements: Hungarian and English are essential, and Ukrainian is an advantage. Application: titkarsag@tpf.hu  Please send us your name, email address, telephone number and the number of hours you can make.

Administrative Customer Line – General Information on Asylum

Participants may receive scholarships

The 1818 Administrative Customer Line establishes a general asylum information line to which students with language skills are expected to apply.

Language requirements: Speaking in Russian or Ukrainian and Hungarian is important, and English is an advantage.

Application: via this online form.

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