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A new podcast series on an economic portal launched with a guest appearance by one of our students

2023-10-06 13:10:00

Our student Máté Kovács discussed the relationship of generations to money and sustainability.

Our third-year Bsc Business and Management student, Máté Kovács, and generational researcher Krisztián Steigervald launched a new podcast series, ’Pénz(m)érték’ (the value of the money), on the G7 economic portal. 

In the course of the 30-minute conversation, Máté said that he doesn’t see young people full of self-confidence on the labour market, one reason being the authoritarian, Prussian school system, and another being that many are forced to work at a young age.  

Also on sustainability, Máté said that the most sustainable product is the one we don’t buy. “However, if we want to meet our existing needs in a sustainable way, it is often more expensive than buying a less sustainable product,” he added. 

To listen to the conversation, click here, but it is in Hungarian. 

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