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Fire drill and evacuation exercise in December in the University buildings

2023-12-12 13:37:00

Each educational building and dormitory should expect one mandatory event of up to half an hour each year. The exact times are given below.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

By conducting evacuation drills, we are fulfilling our legal obligations. During the drill, we will learn about fire alarms, evacuation routes, emergency exits to the open air and the assembly point after leaving the building. During the evacuation drill, we will also practise how to leave the building as quickly as possible and by the shortest possible route in the event of a fire alarm. 

In the event of a fire alarm, sirens will sound and you should immediately stop working – or whatever activity you are doing – and start to evacuate: 

– from the upper floors, via the stairwells and emergency exits to the outside, to the assembly area; 

– from the ground floor via the emergency exits to the outside to the assembly area; 

– from the basement level up the stairs to the ground floor and via the emergency exits to the outside to the assembly area. 

The direction of escape will be indicated by escape direction lights. 

The assembly points during the evacuation of each building: 

– Main building: park in front of the Salt House 

– Salt House: West side of the Main Building (Danube side) 

– Building C: Under the Arcades, 15 metres from the entrance 

– Kinizsi dormitory: Nehru bank 

– Earthen Dormitory: Bakats Square 

– Tarkaréti dormitory: courtyard of the dormitory 

When evacuating, do not wait near the building walls and entrances, and always go to the assembly area. It is dangerous to stay near the building in a hot situation and it can make the work of the firefighters more difficult if there are many people waiting there. 

The drill is considered successful if all persons in the building – whether employees, students or external contractors – have left the building within the standard evacuation time (8 minutes).  

In the event of a fire alarm, the lifts will not operate, so please do not attempt to use them during the exercise or in an emergency. 


Fire drill date / day 

Fire drill date / hour 

Kinizsi Dormitory 



Ferenc Földes College 



Tarkaréti Dormitory 



Salt House 



Main building (E)  



Building C 



Thank you for your cooperation! 

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