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Extended winter holiday: changes in the academic year calendar

2022-10-12 08:38:24

Extended winter holiday: changes in the academic year calendar

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Corvinus Épület

The first period affected by the changes will be from 23.12.2022 to 15.01.2023, when the building of the University will be closed for both students and staff members. It is still mandatory for the employees of the University to take 4 days off in the festive period (27-30.12.2022). Between 02-13.01.2023, our colleagues can work from home office. The parameters of the work schedule for this period will be regulated by a President’s Committee regulation.

Start of heating season
With the start of the heating season, lessons on Saturdays will be held in two buildings (Building C and the Sóház/Salt House) from 22 October. The lessons originally scheduled for Saturday in the Main Building (E) will be held in Building C and the Sóház/Salt House. Details will be communicated to all lecturers and students directly.

Update! From 22 October, the north entrance to the Main Building (E) will be closed, access to the building is available via the south gate on weekdays.

Winter examination period
The first week of the examination period will be from 19.12.2022 to 23.12.2022, and the period of assessment in January will be shifted to 16.01.2023 – 05.02.2023, so students will still have four weeks to sit for their exams. The period of final examinations will be 30.01.2023 – 03.02.2023. Examinations will be held in person in the buildings of the University.

Spring semester
The registration week of the spring semester will start on 13.02.2023 and end on 26.02.2023. Prior to that, we will have an administration week, when there are no lessons or other student obligations, but the buildings of the University are open. The study period of the spring semester will be 20.02.2023 – 26.05.2023, and there will not be project week.
Our lecturers who would teach project week subjects, may choose from the following options:

  • not deliver the subjects of the project week,
  • spread the lessons related to the project week subjects over the semester.

The end of the spring semester, the examination period and the final examination period will not change. The possible changes affecting the dormitories are still being negotiated.

The detailed calendar of the academic year will be updated on the website by the end of this week.

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