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eCommerce database has been added to Statista

2024-03-07 14:10:00

Our current subscription of Statista Business Suite includes also eCommerce database.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

As its name reflects, eCommerce database focuses on key players and markets of the dynamic world of online commerce. ECDB offer clients a single source for market analysis, lead research, competitive analysis, benchmarking and much more. Topics covered in their Insights range from payments and shipping to consumer insights and trends, with perspectives and forecasts on online stores, marketplaces, and companies in different countries and regions of the world. 

It also offers different ranking tools, articles, reports and even a glossary about technical jargon. 

To access E-commerce database, start from Statista, choose Insights/Explore eCommerce Insights and then click on University access in the upper black lane. 

University Library 

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