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Easier and more comfortable administration

2020-11-09 08:05:33

As of October 19, the lives of students at Corvinus will change significantly, as the new “Intézd online!” (Do it on-line!) platform will be launched

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


As of October 19, the lives of students at Corvinus will change significantly, as the new “Intézd online!” (Do it on-line!) platform will be launched, and it will allow for the transaction of students’ academic affairs through a single window.

Péter Major, Head of Student Services explained that they would launch a modern, 21st-century digital administration system responding to students genuine demands, making the everyday life of students much easier.

“It will save a lot of time and energy for students. Practically all the issues that students so far have been able to sort out only in person, with inevitable visits to the Student Office in its opening hours, will be possible to manage in a simple, fast and comfortable on-line way”,

said Péter Major. Students attending BA and MA programmes and part-time trainings will be able to use a dedicated interface, where they can select the required affair or issue from a roll-down menu, for example obtaining a certificate or filling in a given application or applying for field practice. Following the selection of the type of the affair, they will either get an immediate answer to their question, or they can contact the staff of the Student Office.

The objective is to make sure that students can find all the relevant academic information anywhere in a comfortable and fast way, replacing the earlier system in which the coordinators of the Student Office provided the requested information mainly in person.

“In addition to finding all the relevant information about a particular issue, i.e. what are the prerequisites of certain issues, what to bear in mind, what documents are required, where to find them, students can initiate the administration right away. What is more, there is no need to find out who the competent person is in the given issue, what is his or her e-mail address, or when does the person has opening hours, as you can immediately send a message to the most competent person in the issue through the system”,

explained the Head of Student Services, adding that after the message is sent, the staff will contact the student.

Students attending various programmes can access the new system via different links, which they will be able to use only with their stud e-mail address, entering the office.

Students attending BA and MA programmes in Hungarian may access the system here .

Students attending BA and MA programmes in English may find the form to be completed here.

Students attending correspondence and evening courses may use the service here .

Personal meetings are essential in certain cases, but there is no need to wait for long hours any more.

Certain issues, for instance the collection of the temporary student card or an original stamped certificate of the student’s legal relationship can still be done in person only, but it is a major difference that you do not have to wait in front of the Student Office for an uncertain period of time, as you can book an appointment in the system: this way students can arrange what they need without waiting, in a fast and efficient way. Another improvement is that at the time of booking the appointment, students will be informed what to do to prepare for the meeting, so that the personal meeting could be as efficient as possible.

It is possible to download the certificate of the student’s legal relationship from the Neptun

The novelty is that from now on, students can download this certificate for themselves in a scanned form, from the NEPTUN system. This is a perfect solution if you do not need a document with original stamp and signature, and if you have to upload it in electronic way anyway,

The system is under continuous development

“All this is only the first step in a series of changes. It is important for us to continuously improve the system on the basis of students’ feedbacks and requirements”, emphasized Péter Major. In the course of their transactions, we will always ask students to share their experiences and opinions. This is essential for us to refine the system, so that it could serve students’ needs as much as possible.

“We conducted a preliminary survey, which clearly indicated that a digital and flexible administration system would be required, so that students do not have to wait for the opening hours of the Student Office when they have a problem, and they should be able to evaluate the service. All this will be provided in the first round, but there is always room for improvement”,

said the Head of Student Services. The idea is to gradually automate all the administrative affairs that can be automated, and in the future, the coordinators of the Student Office should assist the students of Corvinus from the aspect of their academic progress, instead of doing administration, for example when to take which freely selectable subjects, or they should offer support in using the international possibilities at the University.

„We would like the Student Office to focus on individual students instead of managing processes”, explained Péter.

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