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Dr. Endre Szigeti, a former lecturer at our University, passed away

2021-01-13 07:50:30

dr. Endre Szigeti, a former lecturer of the Department of Theory passed away on December 23, 2020

We hereby inform all those who knew him, loved and respected that dr. Endre Szigeti, a former lecturer of the Department of Theory passed away on December 23, 2020, in the 87th year of his life.

Dr. Endre Szigeti graduated from the Károly Marx University of Economics in 1956 with a degree in political economy, then he started working at the University’s Department of Political Economy, and later became a fellow-worker of the Economic Theories Group and the Department. He was elected deputy dean of the Faculty of Economics three times in the 1970s and also chaired the Teacher Training Committee. During his last years at the University, he worked as a fellow-worker of the Teacher Training Center. 
Throughout his career, Dr. Endre Szigeti has been actively involved in the protection and advocacy of his colleagues. For a decade, he was secretary of the university union committee and also participated in the founding of the Higher Education Workers ’Union, of which he also served as vice-president for some time. 

In one hand, his publication activity was related to the preparation of teaching materials, and other hand most of the publication was related to the second part of the XIX. century and the first half of the XX. century was based on the exploration of Hungarian economic theories. He translated several Russian-language textbooks into Hungarian on behalf of Kossuth Publishing House. His 70th birthday was celebrated by his colleagues with the University of the Festive Papers for dr. Endre Szigeti’s 70th birtday 

During the professor’s retirement, he also wrote three storybooks and compiled the book Sánta Kamatláb(Lame Interest Rate) (Economist Humor 1920-1995).

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