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Don’t forget to fill in the MyView questionnaires!

2024-05-27 09:05:00

Did you know? By filling in the questionnaires, you are not only sharing your opinion, but also doing something good for the Corvinus community.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

How is this possible?  

It’s important for all of us to do our jobs well and in a way that benefits others – your lecturers are no different. So, if you enjoyed the classes, feel free to let them know! This helps us identify the best teaching practices at our university and incorporate them into other courses.  

And if there is anything you would like to change about the course, write feedback on it to the relevant lecturer. Believe us, if your feedback is constructive, the lecturer will be happy to have your support!  

But your feedback are not only important for your lecturers. They will be taken into account when we review our current and develop our future study programmes. This means by filling in some questionnaires, you may have a great impact on the studies of many students! 

Keep these in mind 

Before you type anything in, think about what positives you would like to highlight and what changes you would like to see for the subject.  

Develop arguments for your points! Rather than just entering ‘It was good’ in the text field, explain what you found useful about the lessons.  

If you were dissatisfied with something, put it in a constructive way! In such cases, try to explain how the course would have served you better.  

Want to you share your opinion?  

Don’t hesitate to do so! Click here to open MyView page 

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