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Corvinus puts the emphasis on quality

2021-02-03 09:12:35

The best performing students in the cross-semester admission process were admitted

In line with the renewal strategy of the Corvinus University of Budapest, it also admitted the best performing students to its announced courses in the cross-semester admission process. The main goal of Corvinus University is to focus on quality education instead of mass education, the institution also defined its admission points in the cross-semester admission procedure along these principles.

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 In line with Corvinus ’long-term strategic objectives, since 2019, it will only advertise master’s degrees in the cross-semester recruitment process. In February 2021, he will launch a total of seven master’s programs (Supply Chain Management, Marketing, International Taxation, Finance, Accounting, Business Development, Management and Organization) in the University’s cross-semester course. This year, for the first time, an English-language Master’s degree in International Taxation, which is unique in Hungary, will be launched in cross-semester training, preparing students for an international financial career.

In the cross-semester applications, there was an outstanding interest in the Master of Management and Organization program, for which most of the first correct applications were received. In the international ranking of the Financial Times, the programme of Master’s Degree in Management and Organisation of the Corvinus University of Budapest is in the 90th place, making it one of the 100 best management courses in the world. 

Compared to last year’s cross-semester admission procedure, the total number of applicants for both Corvinus courses and University courses has also increased.

There has also been a significant increase in the proportion of entrants who have nominated a free Corvinus Scholarship place on their application form in the first place, and in the second place they have nominated the same Corvinus training in a cost-reimbursed form.

This trend is also a good indication of the outstanding labor market value of Corvinus degrees, for which students may prefer the form of cost-effective Corvinus training rather than state-funded training at other universities. In addition, the performance-based Corvinus Scholarship provides students with the opportunity to be reassigned to a scholarship position at a later date, subject to a satisfactory academic outcome. And this can be an attractive option for any diligent student.

Congratulations to the students admitted! You can read more about the start of the semester, enrollment and all useful information here!



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