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Corvinus launches five new master programmes, most of them will be one-year programmes in English 

2023-01-23 15:20:56

Diplomacy, Community Governance, Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Advanced Supply Chain Management and Economic Behaviour Analysis master programmes will be launched in the autumn.

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The new programmes will be delivered in English, most of them can be completed in one year, and all of them are unique in Hungary in the advertised forms. 

As a result of the amendment of the act on higher education at the end of last year, universities and colleges have been able to register master programmes in an extraordinary procedure, with deadlines of a few days, directly and immediately.  

As Hungary’s leading university of economics and social sciences, the Corvinus University of Budapest has set a strategic objective to continuously renew the supply of master programmes, therefore the institution has taken advantage of the possibility provided by the act of law and has initiated the registration of five new master programmes. The new programmes, in the form they are advertised, are unique in Hungary”, said Előd Takáts, Rector of the Corvinus.  

The Diplomacy, the Community Governance, the Marketing Strategy and Innovation and the Advanced Supply Chain Management programmes require one year, while the Advanced Economic Behaviour Analysis programme requires two years. All of these new programmes will be delivered in English. 

  • Students graduating from the Diplomacy study programme will be able to efficiently represent the interests of their countries in practice, too. This programme is for students with various qualifications, who will, after graduation, take up jobs in specific fields of diplomacy, corresponding to their earlier studies.  
  • Students graduating from the Public Governance study programme will be able to carry out responsible professional work in projects of public purposes, in public and non-public institutions of the public sector, and in domestic and international organisations.  
  • At the Marketing Strategy and Innovation study programme, the University trains well-prepared future managers who understand digitalisation and make complex marketing strategy decisions, and represent the marketing considerations in various business sectors, company types, as well as in local and international markets.  
  • The graduates of the Advanced Supply Chain Management study programme will plan, control and develop the comprehensive supply chains that are woven into companies, both within and among the organisations.  
  • The Economic Behavior Analysis study programme fills a gap in the whole Central European region. It focuses on  consumers’ and organisations’ behaviour and decisions, as well as social and economic changes In the course of this programme, our students will become professionals with high-level interdisciplinary skills, who possess economic, psychological and research methodology skills and are able to interpret and – by metering – forecast human economic and organisational behaviour, thinking and decision-making processes.  

Students may submit their applications for admission to the five new study programmes from January 31 to February 15, on the felvi.hu interface of the Education Authority.  

In addition to the programmes mentioned above, it is possible to complete four other master programmes in one year at the Corvinus: Supply Chain Management, Public Policy and Management, International Economy and Business and Marketing. Among the two-year master programmes of the University, apart from the Economic Behaviour Analysis, another novelty will be the Political Economy programme, as a unique feature in Hungary. The Corvinus will have an online open day on January 25 about the master programmes. 

The standard of the professional work carried out at the Corvinus is indicated by the fact that it is the only university in Hungary that has two international accreditations: it has won the AACSB qualification that covers the best 6 per cent of institutions of higher education in economics in the word, and has obtained the accreditation of AMBA, the international association of MBA programmes. 

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