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Corvinus is launching a world-leading digital academic information system

2022-01-13 09:03:07

Cutting down on administrative burdens, transparency and predictability in the academic field – this is what the world's leading digital academic information system called Interfolio offers, which Corvinus will be the first to use in the Central European region.

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The digital interface will go live on 1 April, as the preparatory work has been going on since last November.

In the past, Corvinus did not have a central information database that could have provided a unified, up-to-date picture of the academic work being carried out at the University – the educational activity and the research results. Information about the academic field, such as ongoing courses, individual teaching workload, HalVel results or publications, have only been available in different independent systems, databases and in various formats. The new digital data management interface, launched in April 2022, provides a solution to this long-standing problem.  

Founded in 1999 and based in the USA, Interfolio is the world’s leading academic systems development company, providing services to the best universities and nearly 400 higher education institutions in the United States and across Europe in 15 countries.   

With the help of Interfolio, instead of previous parallel reports, excel tables and various records, a unified, reportable and researchable information system is created with the integration of databases that have not been linked to each other (SAP, Neptun, Hungarian Scientific Publications Database (MTMT), Performance Assessment / Educational excellence).   

The new academic database provides significant support for academic management tasks and facilitates, among other things, the professional development and capacity planning processes, because the planned course number, the previous and current workload of the instructors and their performance indicators will be visible on a single interface. The uniform, analyzable and reportable system also supports the accreditation processes of the University and the production of reports.  

On the basis of the scientific results recorded in the Interfolio database, such as research topics and publications, scientific synergies and collaborations between staff, institutes, departments and research centres within the University can be explored and promoted in the long term.   

The administrative burden on teacher and research colleagues will be reduced, because data does not need to be entered in several different systems, it will be enough to upload it only once. From 2023, even setting the performance assessment process objective will be available on the Interfolio interface.   

The creation of an individual professional portfolio is also supported by the interface, the content of the CVs can be edited modularly, so that the up-to-date data required for different applications or academic advancement can be created with only a few clicks.   

Several working groups have been working on the preparation of the introduction of the system since last November, and the Project Leader and Rector’s Appointee is László Csicsmann, Head of Department, Habilitated Associate Professor. The basic system has been established, the integration of different databases and the migration of existing data are in progress. The Heads of Institutes will be able to learn the details of the project in mid-January, after which the staff of the academic field will receive regular information and materials on the use of the system until the planned launch in April.  

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