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Corvinus is also offering help by recruiting interpreters and hosting refugee students

2022-03-03 12:51:53

The community of the University is deeply troubled by the Russian-Ukrainian war therefore, in recent days the institution has been organising ways to offer aid.

For students attending a business or social sciences programme who are now forced to leave Ukraine, the most important thing is not to have to interrupt their studies indefinitely. Therefore, Corvinus is ready to host foreign refugee students studying in these fields within the framework of the existing regulations. Showing solidarity in this difficult situation with lecturers, researchers and university employees is also equally important for the University, and the institute will contact Ukrainian universities offering business studies and will provide professional and other forms of assistance, support to the lecturers and researchers in need.

In light of the situation, the University’s leadership has decided to donate money to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid to help refugees arriving to Hungary fleeing from the war in Ukraine. In addition, the University will also provide accommodation for around 60 refugees from Ukraine in two dormitories, subject to availability.

Corvinus also organises a donation in its buildings for people in need, in cooperation with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid university citizens can help by donating in-kind gifts. The University is assisting for the aid organization’s on-site work by recruiting volunteer Ukrainian-Hungarian-English interpreters.

Corvinus is providing the necessary financial and mental support to University’s students affected by the war with the help of professional psychologists. The University has also set aside a financial framework for this purpose.

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