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Corvinus Green: energy-saving desk lamps for University workers

2022-11-16 12:23:52

Offices can be made more sustainable by directed lighting and more natural light.

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Corvinus workers who agree to only use ceiling lights when absolutely necessary might receive new desk lamps with energy-saving light bulbs. The individually controllable desk lamps placed at the work stations allow us to drastically decrease the energy consumption of ceiling lights.

The energy consumption of a single ceiling lamp can be up to twenty-five times that of a desk lamp. While the consumption of ceiling lamps can be as high as 85W/h, that of desk lamps is only 3.4W/h. This is only an estimated value, since the type of ceiling lamps might differ from building to building and office to office.

Desk lamps are highly recommended if less people are in the office and there is no need to illuminate the whole space. Moreover, desk lamps can be switched off if we have finished working but our colleagues are still at their desks.

Our energy needs can be further reduced by letting in more natural light, which also has some positive physiological effects. The endocrine balance and several physiological processes of the human body are regulated by natural light, to which the human body has adapted over millions of years. In the case of permanent lack of sunlight, the normal functioning of the body can be disturbed proportionally to the decrease. Although there is no substitute for natural sunlight, say the colleagues at the Student Support Services, we should create lighting conditions as close as possible to natural light in the space we regularly work.

Department heads can apply for the new desk lamps by filling out a questionnaire sent to them. When applying, the departments also agree to only use ceiling lights when absolutely necessary, and strive to set the office up taking into consideration the natural light conditions, thus reducing the need for artificial light.

University employees have earlier been asked about the sustainability of Corvinus. In a questionnaire related to the Corvinus Green project, respondents shared ideas such as reducing printing, more biodiversity on campus, selective waste collection and optimising water, electricity and air conditioning efficiency to save energy. Corvinus would like to gradually incorporate these ideas into its operation, and we also provide the opportunity to apply for desk lamps as part of this initiative.

The Corvinus University of Budapest is committed to supporting community sustainability activities and a more sustainable operation, because significant changes are only possible with joint action.

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