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Corvinus colleagues to assume leadership roles in the PRME CEE Chapter

2024-04-24 09:02:00

The annual meeting of the UN-affiliated PRME initiative was held at Corvinus University, where Dr. Katalin Ásványi was elected as the Chair of the Central and Eastern European Chapter.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

16 institutions from 7 countries were represented at the Central and Eastern European Chapter Workshop of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), an international initiative under the umbrella of the United Nations, held at Corvinus University on 16-17 April 2024.This was the second time that our university hosted the event after 2019, and the first in-person meeting after the pandemic. 

The workshop saw participation and presentations from Corvinus leadership, including Dr. Ákos Domahidi, Chancellor and Prof. Dr. Ágnes Zsóka, Vice-Rector for Academic Development. In particular, the guests highlighted the commitment of the management of Corvinus to sustainability and to the PRME initiatives. 

During the two-day event, participants from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia and Ukraine discussed professional and methodological visions and cooperation opportunities in the field of sustainability. The event was also attended by members of the Sustainability Platform of Hungarian Universities who are currently not part of the PRME community but have shown keen interest in the opportunity and membership. 

During the workshop, guests had the chance to interact with community partners thanks to the Corvinus Science Shop. As part of an intensive networking and exploring potential partnerships, participants shared good practices in the field of education, research, operations and outreach. 

During the event the community unanimously elected the PRME CEE Chapter Chair along with other related positions and Steering Committee members for a 3-year term (for the period of 2024-2027). Our colleague, Dr. Katalin Ásványi, Associate Professor of the Department of Sustainability Management and Environmental Economics, Chair of the ERS Hub Steering Committee, was elected as the Chapter Chair of the PRME CEE Chapter, and Dr. Zsófia Nemes, assistant professor of the Department, was elected as the Secretary of the organization. Andrea Varga, International Relations and Accreditations Coordinator at Corvinus, has been appointed as Head of Recruitment and Engagement. 

The event was supported by the PRME i5 project, in partnership with the IEDC Bled School of Management. Corvinus University of Budapest would like to express its special gratitude to Marina Schmitz, representing IEDC, for her contribution to the organization of the event. 

The full list of the PRME CEE Chapter Leaders and Steering Committee members: 

Chapter Chair: Dr. Katalin Ásványi (Corvinus University of Budapest)  

Chapter Secretary: Zsófia Nemes (Corvinus University of Budapest)  


  • Liudmyla Kosovich, KROK Business School, Ukraine 
  • Dušan Kučera, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic 
  • Marina Schmitz, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia 

Head of Member Recruitment and Engagement: Andrea Varga (Corvinus University of Budapest) 

Head of Faculty Development Programmes: Petra Putzer (University of Pécs) 

Head of Student Engagement: Marina Dimitrova Stefanova, Sofia University, Bulgaria 


Rok Ramsak, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia 

Inga Lapina, Riga Technical University, Latvia 

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