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Cooperation Agreement signed by the Hungarian Society of Value Analysts and Corvinus

2023-04-06 16:17:32

The two organisations have renewed their partnership in the European and American value management training and certification for students, and have declared their support for each other in the development and communication of professional research, programmes and publications.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

The document was signed on 4 April at Corvinus by Lajos Szabó, Vice-Rector of the University, and by István Tarjáni, President of the Hungarian Society of Value Analysts (MÉT). Under this cooperation, Corvinus and the MÉT are professional partners in the field of value management, analysis and planning. As part of this, they support each other in related training, research and programmes, and play a coordinated role in promoting the discipline and producing publications.   

The agreement stipulates that the parties will cooperate in obtaining the Value For Europe Student Certification (VFESC) provided by the Hungarian Society of Value Analysts in Hungary, which is the first certification available to university students in Hungary, in line with the Value Management training and certification system of the Value for Europe professional organisation. They will also work together to ensure that the Value Methodology Associate (VMA) training and certification will continue to be available at Corvinus University of Budapest through the Hungarian Society of Value Analysts, the only European affiliate of the Society of American Value Engineers International (SAVEI). Since 2011, these professional skills are available at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (formerly Enterprise Development) in the Innovation Methodology Practices course.  

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