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Changes in the entering of international students during state of epidemiological preparedness

2020-09-23 12:35:26

Procedures after entering Hungary, rules of quarantine and contacting practitioner

Based on the recent governmental order about the entering of non-Hungarian students to Hungary during the coronavirus-epidemic and state epidemiological preparedness, we would like to inform you about the most important points of the order including how to handle COVID-19 infection, entering the country, the rules of quarantine and contacting practitioners.



  • Leaving quarantine is only allowed after 10 days with an official and valid medical certificate
  • For students who possess Hungarian National Insurance (TAJ) card, it is the district physician with competence in the district of the student’s residence, who issues such certificate
  • For students who hold valid European Health Card, the certificate will be issued by the university’s contracted partner. Appointment can be requested via e-mail at: corvinus@promedicina.hu
  • Students must send the scanned copy of the certificate issued and signed by the district physician or the university’s contracted partner to coronavirusinfo@uni-corvinus.hu

Additional information about PCR tests and procedures after negative testing can be read in the official decree

Download the official decree on this link

Download the Statement on the Student’s Health Status and Medical Certificate on this link

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